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In principle, “A” should be the maximum price of the proposed maintenance contract. Commercial service agreements including regular maintenance, shutdown operations and sometimes replacement equipment. These agreements are one of the simplest things our industry has to sell. Owners like them because they: For floating monthly fees, you can have either an absolute minimum monthly fee, but basically, on a later hourly basis, how the bugs come, fix them and draw your time. This may cost less or more for the customer, but is better for you if the maintenance contract is short term. You have to decide if you want to deconstruct the sentence, increase the sentence or keep the sentence even. In that case, I would do it the same way. At the end of the 20th century, OEMs realized that customers had a big problem with the implementation of the many upgrades. For leasing customers, particularly in the United States, the problem was not so acute, as the cost of the upgrade could be integrated either by extending the life or by increasing payment. If the customer chooses your replacement option service contract and the equipment in question is down, continue and replace it. Just make sure the customer was under contract long enough and therefore paid enough to cover the costs. If only a minor outage occurs and your installation crews are busy, fix it.

You can also choose to replace the equipment before it breaks if your installers have nothing else to do. When a customer inquires about service contracts, you suggest that the starting point be to send an experienced service technician to perform an inspection of both the heating system and the refrigeration system for a fee. First, there is a clear distinction between maintenance/support and warranty. In your example, you should have an appropriate warranty that defines your X, Y and Z functions. If it doesn`t do these things, it should be in the guarantee that you can (and should) correct it. The warranty should have clear conditions for rotation, reaction time and compensation. Insert a clause stating that if the customer terminates the contract prematurely, all services provided will be increased to your current price and are due and payable. A savvy contractor does not provide more services than services covered by payments. The maintenance of the devices after the warranty represents a major challenge for radiology managers. One of the most important organizational costs is the need for effective management.

However, the scale of the complexity is often overwhelming. Service contracts are attractive because of their ease of use and perceived completeness. However, their cost may be too high. This article explains critical components and allows managers to evaluate their performance. OEMs offer a plethora of maintenance options. The comparison is by nature difficult – but remove the marketing hype, and underneath, there is a very simple formula. Labour has an “hourly rate” published by each service provider. The same price can be calculated for “travel.” The frequency with which a customer uses a device should result in its maintenance price.