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Step #2: roommate agreements and realistic expectations – This is a process that the residence staff can help the student to develop. This agreement is developed with the students present in a mediation room with basic rules. Residence Life staff will encourage both students to assess their expectations and find expectations that are appropriate for all members of the space. It is important that students use their voices, are committed to what is needed and are ready to be flexible. Step #1: Communication options (we must choose one, we encourage interaction to approach the conflict with the roommate as a first choice): A Michigan Roommate Agreement presents an organized way to put on paper the terms discussed by roommates. This form has been structured to address the problems with the portion of the deposit, the rent and the services a roommate must pay to the agreed cleaning plan. The general language necessary to manage this agreement was indicated in the text of the form, but certain situation-specific elements (i.e. the identity of the roommates) must be physically provided by the person who goes around this form. Once all the information has been inserted into the affected areas, this document must be carefully reviewed by each roommate and then signed. To be a successful roommate, you must take responsibility for the well-being of yourself and others. This poster is visible at the back of all the doors of the student rooms. If you are looking for roommates, there are resources to list this information, just as there are resources to list rental properties.

You can post entries for roommates on, Facebook Marketplace, Bozeman Daily Chronicle and around MSU. A word of caution: carefully check each candidate before adding it to a rental agreement. A roommate is a great way to supplement some of the costs of living off campus. However, your happiness with your living environment can be strongly influenced by your roommates. Remember that friends are not always the best roommates. Before moving in with someone in an apartment to rent, it is advisable to set expectations. A contract between the parties is an excellent example of how to develop expectations with your roommates. It is important to note that this agreement must remain within the limits of master-leasing. For example, if a post-graduate student rents a unit for two years and wants to have roommates, he or she should not accept a three-year term with the roommates.

Simply put, only the owner can indicate the rental time of this unit, and this unit has no obligation to roommates who are not on the Master-Lease. However, this form will provide some security by documenting how roommates should live when sharing a rental property. Roommates are encouraged to discuss points about the deal when they start sharing a space together. A copy of the roommate agreement can be reached below. If you are looking for a room, we have created for you to post and read requests from roommates on our off-campus accommodation site. The university can consolidate the premises to fill the capacity when vacancies appear and transfer students to another space if such consolidations are necessary. Students who are not under contract for a particular room, who do not have a roommate and who have been asked to consolidate may choose another roommate, send another roommate from the university or change rooms. Any room change must be approved by the Assignments Office or Residence Hall Director and completed within three days of the consolidation notification.