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Santander specialized in the 1970s in the financial sector in Spain. In 1987, Santander began its international expansion by acquiring CC Bank in Germany. After the integration of consumer finance activities in SCF in 2002, the company continued to expand with new acquisitions. In 2014, it signed a cooperation agreement with BANQUE PSA Finance for 11 European countries. In 2019, SCF signed an agreement with Hyundai Kia in Germany to acquire 51% of its automotive finance company and others with Ford Motor Company to acquire Forso AB (Ford`s financial unit) in the Nordic countries. Today, SCF is focused on maintaining its leadership role in automotive financing and increasing financing of other assets by developing digital channels. In the first half of 2020, two agreements were successfully concluded, including: an offer to acquire a majority stake in Sixt Leasing, which will allow us to expand our leasing activities throughout Europe; and the creation of a joint venture with Telecom Italia Mobile to finance consumption to the 25 million customer base they have in Italy. The leading consumer finance company in Europe, the companies of choice among car manufacturers, merchants and retailers You can settle your agreement at any time. You can ask for a comparison figure: Stewart Grant, commercial director of Santander Consumer Finance, said: “It is important that Santander Consumer Finance (SCF) continues to develop its offering in order to follow the ever-changing and consumer-oriented market in which we operate. The eSign Plus solution has been specially designed to support our OEM and distributor communities so that they can, remotely and, above all, sell their customers entirely with their customers. The new product called eSign Plus allows customers to choose where and when they enter into their financing agreement.

Customers can now sign their financial documentation either remotely before their vehicle is delivered or on-site at the dealership. Whether you are private or business. Whether you choose two or four wheels. Or is life on the street in a campervan or caravan for you? We`ve covered all options with a wide range of financing options, all designed to be flexible and meet your needs. The CFS is the European leader in consumer finance, covering both automotive and other goods. It is present in 15 countries in Europe and operates through more than 130,000 outlets. For unbiased advice on car financing, financial calculator and other useful information, please visit Finance Your Car. Santander Consumer Finance has launched an extension of its eSign electronic documentation to give its financial clients more flexibility.

In addition to financial information prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and derived from our financial statements, the above information contains certain financial ratios that may represent alternative performance indicators (“APMs”), as defined in the European Financial Markets Authority`s (ESMF) Alternative Performance Measures Guidelines of 5 October 2015 (AEMF/2015/1415) and other non-IFRS measures (non-IFRS measures). These CDMs and non-IFRS were calculated on the basis of Santander Group`s financial information, but are not defined or detailed in the context of current financial information and have not been audited or verified by our auditors. While we believe that these apMs and non-IFRS measures are useful in evaluating our activities, this information should be considered as additional information and not as an alternative to IFRS ratios.