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As an owner, understanding your legal rights and obligations helps you protect yourself, your rental business and your investment property. As a former property manager, I would never have someone who signs a lease, unless it has been approved, which is why I find it interesting that you sign a lease if they do not make a decision. On your initial question, in most cases, a contract is binding once both parties have signed the agreement, but in some states a verbal agreement is sufficient to establish the relationship. As it is after the 1st, I hope you were able to contact the HOA to discuss your options and everything was fine. Hello, I signed a lease to move in on August 1, 2020, but the original club lost my papers and asked for it at the last minute. I gave them the paperwork, and today they tell me they have not finished their decision. My question is: can I leave because I found a place ready to move in earlier? Or is the contract binding and I have to wait for the HOA to respond? For a valid tenancy agreement, certain provisions for rent, such as rent and rental conditions, are required. However, a lease or lease agreement may also include: as a general rule, electricity cannot be reduced for a rental property unless there are indications of payments recently omitted for utilities, or when the tenant terminates the power supply on his behalf and the electricity runs out on an owner`s account. Its precise circumstance resembles a delicate situation.

I`ll talk to a lawyer about the next step. Retaliation and threats are illegal in almost all states. Lease agreements must indicate the amount of rent, when it is due and how the payment is made (for example. B by mail at the owner`s office). The agreement should include acceptable payment methods and the consequences of late payments. The consequences of late payment of rents may include penalties, and if late payments become a repeated habit, an eviction notice becomes. If you are a tenant and do not wish to renew your tenancy agreement, you must inform your landlord that you do not intend to renew the lease if it expires. Tenants are responsible for reporting all repairs that need to be done, as described in the tenancy agreement.