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The presentation of this type of form of marriage ensures that the spouses have reached an agreement on the basic points to be settled in the particular case of their separation: marital relationship, support, health insurance, debts and debts, property and real estate department, etc. The conditions set out in the completed form are not changed. FA-4151V form is the state of the Wisconsin Court, which should be filled and submitted by spouses who agreed to file for a separation divorce after the dissolution of the band. The long name of the form is Marital Settlement Agreement Without Minor Children. The parties to the transaction agreement are the petitioner/co-petitioner-wife and the respondent of the thief/Joint Petitioner-Husband. In a marriage contract in Wisconsin, support can be paid by one party to the other or not. If support is payable, the matrimonial settlement agreement must indicate who pays child support, who receives child support, the amount of child support paid per month and the length of time (in months) paid on conditional basis. If support is not paid from one spouse to another, it is “cancelled” by both parties. In a marriage contract in Wisconsin, the woman can either reuse her maiden name or continue to use her married name. If the woman decides to reuse her maiden name, she must obtain a new Social Security card and a driver`s license after the divorce.

The following information is necessary on the completed declaration of the matrimonial agreement: considering that we have all exercised in good faith and that we have mutually made a fair, accurate and complete disclosure of all financial and inheritance matters related to this marriage contract; A domestic agreement agreement in Wisconsin must deal with all custody and accommodation issues where the parties have a child or child under the age of 18. Custody refers to the child`s decision-making. These decisions include where the child will go to school, the religion the child will practice, if at all, and whether the child can obtain a driver`s licence. The placement refers to where the child or children will live and with whom the child will spend time. In order for the court to approve a marriage contract in Wisconsin, both parties must agree that the custody and accommodation provisions of the children are in the best interests of the child or children. The marriage contract must also indicate which party will apply for child or child tax each year, which party will pay for variable expenses, and whether one of the parties will pay family allowances. The completed FA-4151V form must be signed and dated by the agreed parties and forwarded to the County Circuit Court in the State of Wisconsin for review by the judge. The husband and wife agree that no debt or shared liability can be incurred from the date of this agreement. The husband and wife agree that each person is individually responsible for all debts he or she acquires after the date of this agreement.

Root Divorce Expert Lawyer Advice: Creditors and lenders are not bound by your marital settlement agreement. Therefore, if your name is on a mortgage or other loan, the lender or creditor may come after you to pay the loan, even if the marital transaction agreement requires your spouse to repay the loan.