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5.1.2 Authorization by the third party manager. Where the European Data Protection Act applies to the processing of the customer`s personal data and the customer is a subcontractor, the customer guarantees that his instructions and actions regarding this personal customer`s data, including the appointment of Google as another subcontractor, have been authorized by the respective responsible manager. 9.2.2 Google`s data topics ask for help. Google (taking into account the nature of the processing of the customer`s personal data) will assist the client in fulfilling its obligations under Chapter III of the RGPD, in order to respond to requests for the exercise of the rights of the person concerned by: Redundancy. Infrastructure systems have been designed to eliminate individual error points and minimize the impact of expected environmental risks. Two necessary circuits, switches, networks or other devices help ensure this redundancy. The services are designed to allow Google to perform certain types of preventative and corrective maintenance without interruption. All environmental equipment and facilities have documented preventative maintenance procedures that describe the process and frequency of performance in accordance with internal specifications or the manufacturer. Preventive and correct maintenance of the computational centre equipment is provided for by a standard modification process according to documented procedures. 5.1.1 Responsibilities for transformers and controllers. When EU data protection legislation applies to the processing of the customer`s personal data: Data Center Access Procedures. Google manages formal access procedures to allow physical access to data centers. Data centers are placed in facilities that require electronic access to the card key, with alarms related to the on-site security process.

All participants in the data centre must identify themselves and prove safety on the spot. Only authorized employees, contractors and visitors can enter the computing centres. Only authorized staff and contractors can request access to these facilities with electronic card keys. Requests for access to electronic card keys in the data center must be e-mailed and require the consent of the advertiser manager and the data center manager. All other participants who require temporary access to the data centre must: (i) obtain permission from data centre managers in advance for the relevant data centre and the internal areas they wish to visit; (ii) register for on-site security operations; and (iii) an authorized access file to the data center in which the person is identified as authorized.