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This letter regarding the credit agreement in numbers is an official document or official record, which is useful as a reference for the activity of the receivables agreed by the lender and the borrower. By ISKANDAR LESTARI LOAN COMPANY We currently offer unsecured loans, necessary for interest rates of 1% to 1.60% for a period of 1 to 15 years. Investment funds can be used for commercial financing, construction, credit enhancements, public financing, real estate investments and all financing sectors. We focus on start-ups, early phases, project financing, corporate financing, credit limits and all investment sectors that require financing. We have provided more than $1 billion in commercial loans to more than 17,000 entrepreneurs like you. TERMS:1% to 1.60% INTEREST1 to 15 YEARS DURATION 50,000.00 USD (Fifty Thousand USD) to USD 500 million USD/EUR TERMS:We use the risk technology we have put in to provide you with the right commercial credits for you to be able to grow your business. Our service is fast and reliable, the loan is approved within 24 hours of successful application. We offer loans with a minimum range of $50,000.00 to a maximum of $500 million. Please let me know if you are interested in our service in order to provide you with more information.

DON`T REPLY IF YOU`RE NOT INTERESTED. Your service. Ms. Iskandar LestariIskandar Lestari Loan CompanyCalls Only:“16264653418`WhatsApp Only:“33753893351` Email: ( We are an organization that was created to help those in need, as financial support. So if you`re in financial trouble is the problem, If you are in financial turmoil and need money to start your own business, or if you need a loan to pay off debts or to pay it off, to create a good deal or you find it difficult to get credit capital from a local bank, contact us today about, “don`t let this opportunity pass you, you are recommended to fill in and return the following details. Your name: Your ______________________Alamat: Your ____________________Negara: Your ____________________Tugasan: __________________Amaun the necessary credits: ______________Tempoh loans: monthly ____________________Pendapatan: mobile phone __________________Nombor: ________________Adakah you ask for a previous credit: ________________Sekiranya you first apply for a loan, where are you treated honestly? … Are you fast and from financial constraints, troubles and challenges contact LENDING FIRM REBECCA WILLIAMS today by Hello, I`m Mrs. Aamanee Aaqil, a personal loan for creditors to lend money Opportunities Do they need an immediate loan for the loan you need to repair your business? You were rejected by the bankYou are you an investor, an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, a contractor, a farmer, the beginning of other financial institutions? Do you have a loan or a mortgage? Looking for more because this is where we do everything to reduce our financial problems in the past We lend money to people who need finances, who have bad loans or need money to pay Business bills at the 2% level.

I would like to use this way to tell youWe provide help and receipts the amount you need, we are here to offer you if you come, get your moneySo contact us by email today: ( PRECIOUS GOD HAS YOU COME While, for borrowers, it is also authentic proof of a certain amount of money or other forms lent by lenders.