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In the signed agreement, it was agreed that the NPS 36 and NPS 20 pipelines should be installed in two segments (i.e..dem West Corridor and East Corridor). The western segment of the corridor should be installed with HDB and the eastern corridor segment under an open trench procedure. Footnote 24 When the transitional agreement was amended to reflect the change in the method of installing the NPS 36 pipeline, the rigmates extended by the NPS 20 orientation were no longer required. The amendment to the crossover agreement was completed on January 25, 2017. However, Rig`s carpets were not removed. The Line 2 pipeline had not been powered by daylight at junction NPS 20. The field technician was aware that the depth of Line 2 had been measured in the field at intersection NPS 36, 7 metres from the NPS-20 junction. No conflicting information was provided to the field technician indicating that the Line 2 pipeline would be in the drilling trail. In addition, several members of the field team found that the Line 2 pipeline, while in daylight at junction NPS 36, appeared visually horizontal. As a result, the coverage depth of the cover measure for the adjacent NPS 36 pipeline was used for the NPS 20 crossing. The first segment of the NPS 36 pipeline was successfully installed on January 23, 2017 with HDB in the West Corridor. The 11 foreign pipelines that had been crossed in this corridor, including the 8 Enbridge pipelines, had been discovered prior to the Hydrovac crossing and their situation was confirmed in accordance with existing procedures.

To get an agreement on Alliance crossroads, please email us. The Alliance will respond to requests for agreement within 10 business days. With respect to the third-party crossing program, the test report determined that the detection and conduct of the drill head is an important part of the drilling process, as the drill head is underground and therefore not visible from the surface. Some operators use a passable positioning systemNote 19, in which a transmitter installed in the drill head provides information of clay depth, pressure and height that is transmitted by an electromagnetic signal through the ground to a receiver above the surface drilling head. The directions based on the information provided and the proposed drilling track are forwarded to the drillator. Each time drilling is stopped (for example. B when drilling bars pass or pass through a foreign supplier), the position of the drill head is recorded. Ledcor developed an implementation plan that contained the provisions of the border crossing agreements. GRP Ltd. reviewed and accepted the plan. According to the plan, the following activities were to be completed before the start and operation of the HDB: an HDB operation can be continued as soon as the depth and location of all foreign distribution companies have been confirmed, but the authorization of each owner is required before the supply business can be passed. A representative of each owner is usually present during the crossing process to locate the distribution company and ensure that the terms of the crossing agreement are met.

After the signing of the transitional contracts, construction work began on site 8S. This work included the installation of Rig mats on the GRP ROW to provide an access ramp for construction vehicles and heavy equipment.