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Does your app meet the criteria? If this is the case, then you will be able to account with the transmission. You should read iTunes Connect`s Developer Guide to keep up to date with the latest guidelines. This agreement does not license the software. HubSpot products are protected by intellectual property laws. HubSpot products are ours or our licensees (if any) and are proprietary. We retain all ownership rights to HubSpot products. You agree not to copy, rent, rent, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on HubSpot content or HubSpot products, unless we were expressly authorized in writing. HubSpot, sprocket design, HubSpot logos and other brands that we use from time to time are our trademarks and you cannot use them without our prior written permission, unless it is stipulated differently in this agreement. This protects the developer from avoidable legal concerns and costs when questions (how many times) arise regarding the total transfer of rights, licenses and intellectual property.

If you are a freelance developer, you can expect your customers to always want to sign a rental agreement because they want to be the full owners of the app`s source code as soon as possible. The downside of life is that they can do whatever they want with your creation. If you want to limit the way your code (or design) is used, you should avoid rental work (see more below). The team agent in your organization initiates the transmission of the application. If you`re ready to transfer an app from one Apple Developer account to another, run the following steps: Your app must be in a portability state. Apple believes that the following states are transferable: Let`s start with the transfer of ownership within Apple. If you meet the above requirements, you should be able to immediately transfer your GitHub repository. Once you`ve handed over the property and code to the new owner, you`ve officially transferred your first iOS app. Once the account holder transfer process is complete, an email is sent to team administrators to inform the account holder for the team. As a new account holder for your organization`s team in the Apple Developer Program, you take responsibility for accepting all legal agreements and contracts, managing your application submissions, and renewing your team`s membership.

But how do you give the new owner access to the code? The most popular option is the transfer of a GitHub repository. This way, you can share your code with the new owner safely.