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When a member of the AEP is faced with the obligation of his supervisor to work overtime as planned outside of normal working hours, the member should remind the employer that the collective agreement provides for article 13 that he or she works an average of 35 hours per week and that schedules must be agreed upon by mutual agreement. The main agreement of the AEP provides, at point 13.01, that working hours are set by mutual agreement between workers and management. The employer does not have the unilateral right to set working hours. The collective agreement of 21.07 states that “the employer will do everything in its power to make this payment on the worker`s last working day, but in all cases the payment will not be delayed beyond the deadline prescribed by the Employment Standards Act.” This law says: “An employer must pay all wages that are due to a worker within 6 days of the end of the worker`s employment.” VANCOUVER – British Columbia doctors have voted to adopt a new five-year agreement with the provincial government. The new workforce review procedure came into effect in December 2003. Although the experience of the new procedure has been limited to date, it can be expected that what applied to staff under the old appeal procedure remains an accurate assessment of the likelihood of a successful review. In other words, selection controls are more difficult to obtain than complaints, because the interpretation of selection criteria is more subjective than the interpretation of tariff clauses. In addition, the audit procedure is internal to the government and does not involve a hearing by an independent third party, such as an arbitrator or the former Public Service Appeal Board. The success of the selection tests should be difficult at the best of times and personnel decisions are not overturned on the basis that the unsuccessful candidate is a better performance judge than the panel. The member should then call his local representative or employment advisor at the AEP. If the employer`s requirement does not comply with the collective agreement, the Local Rep or LRO may have discussions with the manager or the EPI to assist the manager in complying with the collective agreement.

In recent rounds of negotiations, the employer has not been prepared to change Schedule H pay without the AEP`s agreement to open and amend special compensation (SSO) by 7% of the base salary received by regular full-time workers. Below you will find a PDF file with the three phases of comments, as described by the provincial government. Yes, you can benefit from the full right to leave during the year you retire, provided you qualify for retirement (55 years). This benefit derives from clause 21.07 of the collective agreement. The new agreement respects the government`s negotiating mandate and works at the same time to improve the health care of Colombians. General leave provides up to 35 hours of paid leave per calendar year for employees involved in personal matters. The reasons for general holidays are quite broad and may include things such as attending a wedding, managing budgetary issues, caring for a sick person, etc. The only restriction for general leave is that this cannot apply to an objective already defined in the collective agreement (for example. B, annual leave).

The AEP collective agreement does not allow the employer to include the required hours in the worker`s work program, bringing the average to more than 35 hours per week. The collective agreement between the AEP and the DECC province expires on March 31, 2022. The negotiating team may, after consultation with members, indicate a language that aims to improve meritorious compensation beyond the system described above. In working hours (determined by the employer), workers` working hours are determined by mutual agreement within each work unit.