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Are you looking for booking agency contracts? For a limited time, you can download all 16 of our essential contracts for people working in the online industry. All of our contracts are created for professional use and come in Word format and contain design notes, so you can easily modify the models. This site is intended only for self-educational purposes. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice or recommendation. In addition, the content of this site can make me obsolete and fake. Always consult an experienced lawyer, especially before you make a deal! This package includes 16 contracts for booking agents, including Venue – Promotions Agreement, Sponsoring and Endorsement Contract, DJ – Promoter Contract and more. The full list of all included contracts is shown below. For more details on our contract packages, watch the video below. All of our contracts have been updated in 2017 by Avenant Law, a music and media firm, and our contracts are also available with free updates since then, so you can be confident that your contracts are still relevant and current. 1x Artist – Promoter Agreement 1x Venue – Promoter Agreement 1x Sponsoring and Endorsement Agreement 1x Agent-Artist Agreement (UK and Australia ONLY) 1x Agent-Hirer Promoter Venuster Agreement (UK ONLY) 1x DJ – Promoter Contract 1x Non-Agreement Disclosure 1x Guarant Guaror Agreement 1x for 1x Location Release 1x Merchandising Rights Contract 1x Minor Release Form for Film 1x Photographer Contract (pro-client) 1x Photographer Contract (pro-photographer) 1x Sponsoring and Endors Contract 1x Booking Form (UK and Australia ONLY) India Contract | Canada Lease – Tenancy | Agreements on | talent agencies Ooreenkoms Kontrak – South Africa | Accord | Hospital Management Agreements | Partnership Contracts saaS | agreements Software contracts | Pennsylvania Agreement Samples | Pre-Nup | Agreement Australia -| Samples Examples of | contracts Indian Divorce | India Free Lease – Rental Contracts | India Free Lease Agreement Samples | Indian Contract Act.