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The moratorium applies to low-income private customers who qualify for the Low Energy Assistance Program and those who are financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. CCI points out that customers should call their distribution company when they have missed payments or if they are having trouble paying a bill. He also said payment deferral agreements were available to both individuals and small customers who are having difficulty making payments at that time. Ameren Illinois` Act On Energy® initiative helps customers spend less energy by using less energy. Act On Energy offers customers free advice on energy savings as well as financial reductions and incentives. For more information on energy programs for individuals, please contact, by phone at 1-866-838-6918 or by email at “We understand that some of our customers are facing tough economic times, especially during the winter months. We`re offering this payment plan because we want to help our customers get back on track,” said Shirley Stennis, director of customer service at Ameren Illinois. “Our goal is to avoid service interruptions,” Ogden said. “We will only stop the service if all reasonable efforts to establish a payment plan have failed or if the customer has not paid the agreed payments.” Sabin said, however, that the service is not separate for a customer who receives a payment plan. Also, like other utility companies, CWLP doesn`t separate customers during the winter months. Private customers who have outstanding balances and who have not established a payment plan or who do not comply with a payment plan agreement will be subject to service interruption as of April.

Some customers may also receive payment support through programs such as Warm Neighbors Cool Friends, a program of the Energy Assistance Foundation funded primarily by contributions from Ameren employees and customers. The programme aims to help those who, in general, do not qualify for heating aid from the Confederation or the Länder. Detailed information can be found on the programme`s website ( To set up a payment plan or discuss an electricity bill, customers can call Ameren Illinois Customer Service at 1-800-755-5000, select “Billing and Payment” from the menu, and follow voice instructions. Customers can also enter into an agreement online by visiting and logging into their account. “The economic downturn has added an additional burden to our customers and caused some to lag behind on their bills,” said Stan Ogden, vice president of customer service and public relations at Ameren Illinois Utilities. “We reach our customers with late balances, making it as easy as possible to create a payment plan…