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Our News by Month

Three days (is not/are not) long enough for a good holiday… Question 2: Cattle….. At the end of 1990, the United States experienced major growth. . 17. It is impossible to believe that anyone admires this man. 16. His courage and perseverance were exhausted to the end. 7. Two billion dollars is not enough for the victims of the 7th Tom tsunami and his two close friends……. Not in class today. Question 23: Every boy and girl in this room. the answer.

13. Peter, with his uncle,…………. Fishing. . Question 38: The jurors in this trial….. Members of local communities 5. Every employee …. be trained in security procedures to ensure the security of the customer`s private information.

10. Buildings destroyed during the fire will be rebuilt at taxpayers` expense. Question 25: Korean….. Very difficult to learn. 2. Some names do not end in “s” but use the majority: Menschen, Polizei, Vieh, Kinder, Gänse, Mäuse.. . .