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regular course; Good faith: The operations and operations of the enterprise are conducted normally and normally in accordance with good business practice between the date of this letter and the financial statements, and the enterprise will make reasonable efforts to preserve the value of its business as a continuing enterprise. The parties agree to do what is reasonable to negotiate final settlement agreements in good faith. If you agree with the above terms and wish to proceed with the proposed transaction on this basis, please sign this letter in the box indicated below and return an executed copy to me. A lawyer can help identify and assess potential effects on the purchase price, for example.B. whether there is a certain amount to be withheld as collateral for the necessary collateral or whether there are shareholder loans that are repaid separately or included in the purchase price. Consider discussing the importance of confidentiality with a lawyer and ensuring that this provision is binding on the parties. In addition, a lawyer can provide advice and guidance on how best to protect sensitive trade secrets and other information until it is certain that the buyer will sign the sales contract. 2. (d) the implementation by the Contracting Parties of the Final Agreement and the related agreements; (f) any person of [NAME OF KEY EMPLOYEES] is obliged to conclude employment contracts with the Buyer on the terms agreed with the Buyer; Binding provisions. . . .