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18. Survival. The confidentiality requirements, agreements, understandings and indemnification obligations of this Agreement shall apply even after the termination of this Agreement. A non-circumvention agreement should contain provisions that (i) require that amendments (amendments) to the agreement be made in writing and be signed by both parties; (ii) define the laws of the State governing and interpret disputes between the parties concerning matters covered by the Agreement and (iii) prohibit the Parties from assigning their obligations under the Agreement to third parties. In general, the State laws governing the agreement should be the State of the party or beneficiary. 11. Final Agreement. To the extent that, and until a definitive written agreement has been concluded and notified between the recipient and the disclosing party regarding the potential transaction, neither the recipient nor the disclosing party is subject to any legal obligation of any kind with respect to the potential transaction, on the basis of such or any other written or oral statement by any of them or its representatives; unless, in the case of this Agreement, these are matters expressly agreed in this field. 3. Confidentiality of Confidential Information.

The recipient may only use the confidential information for the purpose of evaluating the potential transaction. The Recipient agrees to keep confidential confidential information confidential for a period of three (3) years from the date of execution of this Agreement. . . .