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14. DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION. You must allow the customer to disclose all information requested by Microsoft as part of the customer agreement. Microsoft is a third-party beneficiary of your agreement with the customer with the right to enforce the provisions of your agreement with the customer and to verify your compliance. PARTIES The Missing Link Network Integration Pty Ltd (The Missing Link) ABN: 56 101 690 635 from 9-11 Dickson Avenue Artarmon NSW 2064 Client (Client Short Name / “Client” / “you” / “you”) the entity you represent. This agreement includes The Missing Link`s terms and conditions of sale and the Sophos agreement If there are inconsistencies between any of the documents, these documents are interpreted in the following order of priority: (a) Sophos Agreement (b) SmartSERVICES Service Plan that contains Sophos MSP services (c) Terms and Conditions 1 DEFINITION 1.1 Incident Management is a defined process for logging, recording and resolution of incidents. The goal is to restore service as quickly as possible. This excludes data or infrastructure incidents that are not managed by The Missing Link. 1.2 Problem management means a defined process of logging, recording, and troubleshooting. The goal is to identify the underlying cause of the incident in order to avoid a recurrence. This excludes data or infrastructure issues that are not handled by The Missing Link. 2 TERM AND TERMINATION 2.1 For at least 12 months, the Services are automatically renewed for a period of 12 months and subsequent periods, unless The Missing Link is notified in writing at least 30 days before the end of the contract.

2.2 Without limiting The Missing Link`s legal rights or remedies, if you terminate the Service before the end of this minimum service period, you must pay The Missing Link an amount multiplied by the number of months between the date of termination of such service and the end of the period. If a discount has been applied to the installation fee, this discount amount may also be due. 3 THE SERVICE – BENEFITS AND DEFINITIONS 3.1 The Sophos MSP program allows you to access the agreed Sophos modules with a monthly subscription model that is elastic and with minimal commitment. The minimum commitment means you can make a commitment of 12 to 36 months, but you can change the licenses up and down each month or transfer licenses to new users. 3.2 The service is the provision of Sophos MSP modules, as indicated in the offer/offer. 3.3 Support is available Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. AEST by phone or email and contains invoice details, availability, and availability of Sophos licenses.

Examples of typical support tasks are: > password redialing for administrator accounts. > assign new licenses or remove them from the customer account. > escalation of service issues at Sophos Support. Training support, all issues related to customer changes to the service, and on-site support are calculated on the basis of time and material (T&M). . . .