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has someone you have paid. I am in the same queue .i left tcs a year back after work for 2 months and went without informing them. And they always send me letters and I have to pay the loan. There is a risk of forfeiture if you have already paid them a loan amount as collateral. You`re going to lose that when you leave. TCS had a commitment period of 2 years before, but now it has been reduced to 1.5, you go before, and then you have to pay 50K salary. 3) contrary to the terms of Obligation 3, no additional amount can be recovered by you. However, you will certainly refuse to issue yourself a letter of release and a certificate of experience if you do not pay the agreed amount after the break of the loan, 1) it is necessary to examine the terms of the loan that you have executed. As far as I know, my friends who left their respective businesses had to pay money based on the loan. I plan to join, and the loan says I have to pay a certain amount of money if I leave within a set period of time. So, if I leave within this period, do I really have to pay the loan? Technically, there can be no link.

That`s servitude to guilt. illegal. I have heard that the Indian government has abolished the employee retention system. Can it help us in any way? In fact, this is an obligation of agreement, so you have to pay obligatorily or you are a guarantor, is also held responsible Even the only company I know that has a legitimate but nasty way of imposing it is L&T Infotech; You keep a significant portion of the salary for 2 years as a tip, so you are practically bound. Abandoned by TCS on site, subject to US laws. No borrowed money. Participate in direct customer billing. Complete the complete and final count to obtain a letter of competence for the green card.

One of my batch colleagues literally left Infosys one day, after 10 months or technically he cannot “resign” because he is within the commitment deadline. Nothing happened. You did not impose the loan, once you have made an agreement with the company to work for 2 years, you have to pay it regardless of the time you spent with the company, except for the period agreed by you in agreement….