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“Very soon after the switch to providing distance learning courses during the winter semester, we worked with the Faculty Association at the University of Calgary to negotiate an agreement for an automatic one-year postponement of the academic staff application process with dates held (academic staff are not required to take the postponement if they wish to apply in the regular course). Extended leave (collective agreement reference: section 24): a worker must apply to the Extended Leave Committee for extended study leave until October 1 of the calendar year preceding the year in which the extended leave is to begin. The Extended Study Leave Committee reviews applications by November 1 of each year and recommends candidates for extended study leave to the President of the CB. Approval or rejection of a request for an extension of study leave is obtained until December 1. In 2016, based on this survey data, the postdoctoral associations filed a joint letter and report with the Government of Alberta requesting that postdocs be granted employee status, funds to compensate for the resulting loss of revenue for postdocs, and rights and privileges similar to those already granted to doctoral students and academic faculties. ? While until now it was thought that the association could only negotiate for postdocs considered employees by the university, follow-up interviews with Alberta Advanced Education made it clear that this was not the case. A union, also called a union or union, is an organization that protects common interests and negotiates goals in certain parts of professionals. .